Tableau vs Power Bi

How do Tableau and Power Bi compare? And what does
Databrain offer?

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Tableau Embedded Analytics and Power BI Embedded Analytics help your business integrate advanced analytics capabilities to your applications. Both the platforms are popular for providing in-depth data to its users. However, they do have their limitations. While Tableau Embedded Analytics possess data security challenges for its users, Power BI Embedded Analytics limits data sharing with other stakeholders.

Why Databrain? But the same is not true with Databrain. With our single SDK solution, you can present the detailed data with anyone by creating visually appealing charts and dashboards. What’s more, it helps you retain your branding by building a white-label experience for you.

Learn why Databrain is the ideal solution for your business by deep diving into our comparison guide on Tableau Embedded Analytics Vs Power BI Embedded Analytics.

So what are these?

What is Tableau Embedded Analytics?

Tableau Embedded Analytics is a solution that seamlessly integrates analytics capabilities into applications, allowing users to incorporate powerful data visualization and analysis functionalities directly within their own software or websites.

What is Power BI Embedded Analytics?

Power BI Embedded Analytics is a solution that allows seamless integration of advanced analytics capabilities into applications, empowering users to embed interactive reports, dashboards, and data visualizations within their own software or websites.

Tableau vs Power Bi vs Databrain

Ease of Setup
Moderate, requires some expertise
Simple, especially in MS ecosystem
Simple and Easy: 10 lines of code
Customer support
Excellent, large community
Solid, depends on MS support plan
Round-the-clock  CS  24 x 7
Time to Go-live
Quick for simple implementations
Relatively fast
Ready in Just one day
Chart options
Wide range, highly customizable
Wide range, including custom visuals
Highly customizable UI Kit
Dashboard curation
Advanced, high interactivity
User-friendly, high customization
Comprehensive & Extensive Curation
Chart customizations
Extensive control over visuals
Extensive, includes custom visuals
Unlock Limitless Chart Customization
SDK Extensibility
Robust, requires programming knowledge
Good for those familiar with MS
Powerful SDK: Built-in Extensibility
Security & data storage
Robust, allows live connections & storage
Comprehensive, aligns with MS cloud
No data stored
Supported, requires careful management
Supported, integrates with Azure AD
Deep multi-tenancy is available
Responsive & adaptable screen modes
Strong, adapts to different screen sizes
Allows for responsive design, less intuitive
Built-In Flexibility
Embedding options
Robust, wide range of options
Varied, especially within MS ecosystem
Web components, SDK's in individual libraries
Built for SaaS
Available as SaaS & on-premises
Available as SaaS, integrated with MS cloud
SaaS Optimised Solutions

How Databrain Helps?

Product & executive teams

Win more deals, unlock new revenue.

Make analytics & reporting your competitive advantage. Win more deals, increase customer satisfaction and unlocking more revenue. Keep your C-suite happy.

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Close More Deals - Techbit X Webflow Template
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Ship faster, stop worrying about maintenance

Control how your users create and manage their metrics, which data they have access to and how
customized they want their dashboards to appear.

Faster deployment
Resources saved

Enterprise security out of the box

reporting dashboard

SOC 2, GDPR, and more

DataBrain maintains SOC 2 and ISO 27001 compliance
reporting dashboard

End-to-end encryption

An all-in-one customer service platform that helps you balance everything your customers need to be happy.
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Compliant from the get-go

Choose where to host our app, fully hosted on our servers or self-hosted in your VPC.

Make customer facing analytics your competitive advantage.