Why Freightify Switched from Metabase to Databrain

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Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Singapore, Freightify is a platform designed to assist freight forwarders in the procurement, management, and quoting of freight prices. By offering white-labeled rate automation solutions, Freightify enables freight forwarders to seamlessly digitize their rate procurement, management, and quotation processes.

Employee size:
Employee size:


  • Cost-saving: Freightify saved $200k and 7 months of engineering effort.
  • Time to market: Freightify deployed databrain in a week.
  • White-labeled experience: Custom dashboards could now be created and embedded in minutes.
  • High performance: Reports processing large data volumes became easily downloadable.
Databrain allowed us to create a fully custom analytics module. Anybody in the org was now able to create metrics and share data with their tool.
Swaminathan N
Chief Product Officer at Freightify

The Problem:

Freightify was in hyper growth mode and required a scalable analytics solution. They initially utilized Metabase but however faced challenges due to its limited customizability and lag in processing millions of rows of data. The inability to create customizable reports and process large datasets hindered their operations.

Realizing the need for a better solution, Freightify tried to build a tool in-house, but quickly realized the time and substantial engineering effort required to build a scalable reporting module.

"Metabase was too slow. It didn't offer customization & we were unable to download and process higher volumes of data". -Sreevalli [PM @ Freightify]

The Solution:

Freightify evaluated various tools in the market and decided to leverage Databrain's embedded analytics module. Several factors influenced this decision like Databrain's ability to manage large datasets with billions of rows of data, its rapid implementation speed compared to other market solutions, and the tool's comprehensive customization features.

With Databrain, Freightify found a partner that could provide a genuine white- labeled experience, down to the smallest details such as chart prefix & suffix customizations. Additionally, Databrain's low-code environment was a game- changer, allowing Freightify's product managers to build dashboards in minutes, even with no SQL knowledge.

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